NZ made from NZ grown wood.

The Plankville shed is a very solid and sturdy wooden shed. Made from Locally grown Macrocarpa, Cedar, Redwood and other Cyprus species.               

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Plankville Sheds.
Our deck and veranda package completes the small cottage feel.
Made from locally grown Redwood.
Cedar Shed 10 m2. Red or Himalayan. $7500                                                            This is our most popular  size for a Sleepout, Cabin, Tiny Home style shed.
This shed can be wired, insulated, and lined for around $4000.
  These sheds can be viewed at our display site opposite Annimates at Stoke, Nelson.
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A great shed on skids.
Perfect for a cabin or spare bedroom.
We can line these out or you can do your own and save the money.

Nationwide Shipping. Get a quote to your nearest PBT depot.

The Plankville Shed is not to be confused with or compared to the cheap flimsy, shiplap or TG&V, panel style sheds on the market today. a lot of the cladding systems they use are actually For interior cladding systems and they can be full of end grain.
Board and batten construction from solid, naturally durable, locally grown wood, gives our sheds a great bracing element. Solid wood, unlike ply gives our shed weather grooves in all panels that allow our sheds to breath. Our exterior cladding is lined with a very strong Duratuf paper lining that keeps the warmth in and the moisture out.                                 All framing is screwed together with 14 gauge, galvanised bugle head screws.  This adds a kind of strength to our sheds that is rarely seen in the cheap build kit-set sheds on the market today.
Built tough from real Wood.

Firewood Shed. Locally grown wood. 
Kitset $1414.                                               Built tough with with 14 gauge, galvanised bugle screws in all framing, facings and roof assemblies. Easy to assemble. Also to disassemble in the future if the need arises.

Plankville goes the extra mile to give you a quality  timber shed that will withstand the elements, the test of time, and enhance your property and lifestyle.

The bathroom shed is great for a campground or air b&b.

Bathroom shed. Shower, toilet, hot water cylinder, sink and room for a washing  machine.

Eucalyptus live edge cladding.
Solar power,
Eucalyptus deck.
Olld, West Coast style Boathouse Playhut.


Macrocarpa 10m2
 Shed in Macrocarpa with extra height and two up-cycled windows, 18mm ply floor on skids.

Tiny Home in the making.

Red Oak, solid wood floor. A lovely extra touch for your Cabin.

NZ grown wood inside and out.  All framing screwed with 14 gauge galvanised bugle heads.   A lovely light, warm interior with our tough, breathable paper lining.


The instructions were also very well written and everything fitted really nicely together no problems at all.
We are very pleased with the looks and the solid structure.
Really good craftsmanship.

Thanks again,
Hans Brutscher

Natural Pools NZ Ltd & Landscaping

Cedar or Macrocarpa. Locally grown.
A lovely open, light shed with two upcycled windows.
Line this out and you have a very cost effective Tiny home, Sleepout, Cabin, spare room.s

put these in an L or U shape with a pergola  over the gap and you have a great 2 or 3 bedroom batch.

Thank you Plankville team for the nice workmanship, and the excellent service that you all provide, a pleasure doing business with you.
Regards Steve & Michelle

For local deliveries, call Steven at Lift’nShift.
These guys are good and cost effective. They can lift the shed over your house if they have to.

Shed Prices. Ask us for a quote to your nearest freight depot.
Cedar Firewood Shed.
Custom made to fit this space. 6m x 1.9m
Sanded and pre stained.
Kit-set $5800