We are very versatile at Plankville; we mill our own logs and custom cut logs. We can cut your logs or source your logs using our network of partners and local knowledge.


  • We mill logs brought in one at a time on the trailer or by the truck-load.
  • We are Registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries for milling Native logs. (We can assist with the paperwork for milling fallen Native trees.)
  • Our bandsaw kerfs are 3mm or less, so you end up with more timber and less sawdust.
  • We can quartersaw timber such as Oak and Eucalyptus. This costs more, and the recovery is less, but the timber is more valuable.
  • We support the use of locally sourced timbers as alternatives to imported timber, please ask us about options and suggestions for your project.
  • We can re-saw beams and flitches to meet your needs, old and new.

At Plankville, we care about your timber whether its handpicking just the right pieces for that small project, or a large commercial job with the WOW factor!