Flitches / Slabs


Cedar Slabs, Page Matched.
One of my favourite activities on a Saturday afternoon.

Flitches and slabs are a piece of wood sawn from a tree, usually keeping most of the outside edge as nature grew it – live and untouched. Thick, heavy and robust – they are the perfect representation of timber in its raw form.

  1. Before


  2. After

    A great one fro epoxy resin.

We use our flitches to bring the natural beauty of natures design into our furniture, live edge cladding and bar leaners.

You can buy Plankville flitches just as they are – ready for whatever use you have – they are versatile, solid and suit lots of various timber projects. We often have Redwood, Elm, Eucalyptus and Macrocarpa slabs and flitches and slabs on hand or ready to go. Contact us to check our latest stock and prices.




Elm Slabs. Fresh off the mill 1.4 metres long, various widths up to 55cms, 42mm thick.
15 available.
Elm Flitches. Fresh cut. 15 Available.



We like to page match our slabs or flitches where possible. This is like slicing and folding so that each side mirrors the other. This pair is Black Walnut. You can see these on the wall at Wood Rocks on Nelson Quay.
Large Redwood Slab Table.
Note the contrast between Sap and Heartwood. The legs and top come from one slab.


A great use for rough or low grade slabs. This has had the dry rot wood taken out, allowing us to use the remaining solid wood as a feature.


Himalayan Cedar.
The old growth wood is very hard to beat for figured or character grain.


Tasmanian Blackwood has a great array of different and beautiful colours. Especially the older wood like this piece.


The beauty is hiding inside these old seasoned slabs.
When you let it out, it will blow your socks off.


A Lovely, chunky Black Walnut Pair. Fantastic for a solid wood dining table.


Tasmanian Blackwood Slab Pair.
You can see this slab pair at the Queen Street, Sprig and Fern Bar in Richmond.